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Our History

We started in Ventura county going directly into clients’ homes providing after school tutoring to any family wishing to gain clarity for themselves or their children. As a former Special Education classroom teacher, it was different being in the other side, not just on the other side of the table. Parents want the best for their children (heads up- schools only provide “educational benefit”) and they don’t always know what it looks like.

The need to provide at home supports quickly outpaced the need to provide academic tutoring only. As we built trust with our clients, we saw that there was a need to provide more supports in the modern world- technology, social media, teenage drama, and everything else we’ve been dealing with! Yes, the academic needs were there, but so too were the other needs that were wearing us down from understanding academics. Out of this came some amazing at home supports to meet the children at their level, foster independence, and return a sense of calm to a home.

As we’ve grown as a business, we’ve become a vendor for several independent study charter schools and have settled down in a physical location in Santa Barbara for classes and tutoring. We’re continuing to build relationships with the schools that were re-established after the fallout of Inspire Charter School to continue to build a solid foundation for supporting independent study programs and individualized education. This includes ensuring access rigorous academics, accountability, and transparency. We know that public schools cannot be a fit for 100% of the population, including those students receiving special education services. To truly create a modern educational system, we must look to the whole community to support public education, ensure our public monies are well spent, and support alternatives where existing options are not meeting current needs.

Where are we looking to grow next? Well, technically everywhere with an internet connection. Many of our classes are now joined remotely with students in office and virtual, with the same high expectations we have in person. We’re now providing staffing at Private Schools in Santa Barbara. Future consideration includes parent support groups, working with Santa Barbara and Ventura County SELPAS for paraprofessional training and / or staffing, and developing supports for students transitioning into Santa Barbara City College. If you think we’re a good fit for changing how education is managed in your institution, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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