Privacy Policy

I am excited that I will be able to work with you and your family to help you grow! To see the best possible growth, we will be sharing privileged and confidential information to make our plan for success. To protect your family, I will be following the privacy requirements of both the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). Key components of these acts are:

  • The right to get a copy of any record or specific information. Please make a written note and a copy will be provided within 30 days. If you need a copy after services have stopped, a fee will apply for time and supplies.
  • Request to amend information that is incorrect or missing. If there is a disagreement between parties on how to amend, you may attach a written statement.
  • Know who accesses information. Only people authorized on a need to know basis will see confidential information to perform their essential job duties.
  • Seeking permission to share information. A release of information must be signed before any identifiable information is shared with a school or other professionals.

Individualized Educational Services takes privacy seriously. Physical records will be kept in a secure location that limits access to them. Locally stored electronic information, including back-ups, are encrypted using encryption keys. Emails that we send may use Yahoo! and Google servers, and are secured using those companies’ security procedures. Please use your own security to keep information on your devices secure!

My goal is to keep accurate, comprehensive records that can help in your family’s educational journey, and we never know when information may be needed. It can be saved through your child(ren)’s high school graduation date, or when a certificate of completion is earned. If your child is in Special Education, it can be saved until they turn 26. Records may be digitalized and archived to save space.

Cancelation Policy

I am excited that I will be able to work with you and your family to help you grow! To see the best possible growth, we need to create a safe place to take risks in and continue to practice new skills as much as possible. This happens when we are able to follow our schedules as much as possible.

However, life happens. Traffic. Getting sick. Appointments. It will happen to all of us at one time or another. Let’s keep in touch so we can work around it! Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Cancelations by the Tutor
    1. The tutor will give as much notice as possible to the family by email, phone and / or SMS text message when there is a need to cancel. You will not be charged for services missed by the tutor’s absence.
    2. If there is a minor delay of less than 10 minutes, the lesson will be extended past the scheduled end time. If the delay is 10 minutes or more, the lesson may be refunded or rescheduled, if it works for both the tutor and family’s schedules.
  1. Cancelations by the Family
    1. Families may cancel a session up to 4 hours before the start time without penalty. Families’ schedules starting at and before 12 noon must contact the tutor by 11pm the night before by email, SMS text message, or leaving a voice mail to avoid penalty.
      1. Families canceling within 4 hours will be billed $20 cancelation fee.
      2. Families canceling without notice will be billed 1 hour at the hourly rate for services.
      3. Cancelations will be confirmed by the tutor.
    2. Family delays shall count against the session time with full payment for the session. The tutor may cancel the session if the family is 15 minutes late with no contact.
    3. Absences slow down progress and make it hard to establish routines. Please keep everyone healthy by staying home if you have a fever over 100˚ and/or are vomiting. Absences more than the amount of sessions in a week per month shall be considered excessive, and subject to drafting a memorandum of understanding for continued services.

Inspire Charter School Policy: November 8, 2017

I am excited that I will be able to work with you and your family to help you grow! I am proud to be a returning Vendor for Inspire Charter Schools (ICS). You can rest assured that we have had background checks and are financially covered to meet ICS’s Standards.

ICS allots enrichment funds twice a year which families can allocate for goods and services. You’ll need to go to to request an Enrichment Certificate (EC). You can search for my name, Jonathan Gush. It shows that I am in Ventura, CA, as my administrative office is there.

You’re welcome to allocate as much of your funding that your supervising teacher will allow. However, ICS is becoming more specific on the length of service, funding amount, and duration. Your contract sheet will show your hourly rate for the programs that you choose to enroll in, and schedule if classes are created. If on-going tutoring is scheduled, you may choose your duration, but not shorter than one month of tutoring services.

As of now, you may start services before your EC is received. Due to Inspire’s difficulties in issuing ECs and paying vendors, I am asking families to request an EC for each child that will pay through December 2017. Your entire EC will be submitted to ICS for reimbursement no later than the end of the calendar month, regardless if all services were delivered in that month. You’ll receive a calendar for expected services with the days, times, and classes that will be covered by that EC. We’ll update it according to the cancelation policy should things need to be rescheduled or if groups change.

You may cancel an EC before services are delivered by letting both ICS and Individualized Educational Services know at least two days before the first time we work together in writing. Should the EC have been submitted for reimbursement, Individualized Educational Services will remit payment within 90 days to ICS. Should you wish to cancel an EC after services have begun, monies will be returned to ICS within 90 days of a written request, less two weeks of scheduled services with or without delivery of services, except for an EC used to pay for an assessment, in which all monies will be used to write a report with available information and delivered as appropriate.