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Pricing, For the Future

We are proud to have launched our new website enrollment system! We have been working hard to post our catalogue of classes and services all in one place! All families will now be able to pick what classes they want to take and set up their monthly reoccurring payments for classes or set up hourly service payments. We can all rest easy knowing the little business things are taken care of!

Our Course Catalogue and Services Look Different from Other Tutoring Services

While we hope you appreciate our grouping of services by grade and subject, we hope you better appreciate our up front pricing. Yes, our costs to you are up front, from the very beginning.

We believe all professional services should be the same, open and transparent in all that they do and how much each service costs.

We also hope you notice our pricing.

We want to help as many students as possible and seek to keep our prices below the average area prices. Our commitment to education and dedication to exceptional teaching strategies will never be undercut.

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’21-’22 Teaching Pods Special!


We feel your pain! The uncertainty of the upcoming academic year is once again becoming questionable as our public heath needs change from the pandemic day by day!

Take control of your child’s education! Individualized Educational Services is now accepting reservations for in person learning pods! We know that our children have missed educational opportunities from distance learning, and they need to make up ground quickly and move ahead to feel success! Our neuro-educational teaching strategies help any student recover lost time by developing a depth of understanding that generalizes into more advance concepts. We’ve had students score three grade levels higher in mathematics in one year!

Our Education Center, near Cottage Hospital Goleta, is equipped with air purifiers in the HVAC system and in each room. We provide the space, the materials, and the education! Please reach out to us today to see how we can help set up your learning pod!

Early Enrollment Special!

Gather your learning pod group now! Enroll by August 20, 2021 and receive a discount for each group member off our 2 and 4 day programs!

  • A group of 4 saves 10%
  • A group of 5 or more saves 16%

Discount Requirements

  • Group members must be within a 3 grade level span if K-8, or be able to to work within a 3 grade level span. For example, a third grader may join a group of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders if the work can be completed.
  • Pricing is for in office services.
  • Each family will receive a coupon code to receive the discount through our website.
  • Our Learning Pods follow the IES Academic Calendar
  • Minimum 3 Month Commitment, with 1 month cancellation notice.

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Increase the Value of Your Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

person holding white and blue box

Your family may be one of the thousands of across the country to be receiving your child tax credit as an advance rather than a deduction come tax time. This has brought a change to our line of thinking- what do you actually spend that money on rather than just write it off at the end of the year? Now that the money is going straight to you as an asset, you should think about investing in your child in their growth.

Return on investment (ROI) is such a common term applied to money. But what about expanding to your your children’s education? A college degree can provide 6-20% ROI! We challenge you to find an interest rate or another ROI that pays out as much!

Individualized Educational Services strives to make our services open to all. Our after school tutoring and study groups will hep your child become ready for their future successes. Invest in your children well!

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Thank You Charter School Supporters!

silhouette of mountains

Individualized Educational Services has had wonderful working relationships with Independent Study Charter Schools. We’ve worked diligently to build relationships with the schools’ teachers and administrators to better both our programs. Together, with your support, we have been able to move AB 1316 to “inactive,” meaning it will not come up again this legislative session.

You can learn more about AB 1316 on the California Charter School Association’s Page.

We’re here For The Future

With all that students have been through, we know that next school year will need substantial changes in the educational system. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and schools will need help to get the job done. Creating Strong Public-Private relationships is a way to ensure all children receive an exceptional education from the beginning.

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How Will You START?

Individualized Educational Services is excited to let you know about our START program that will launch Fall 2021 for students STARTing their adult lives!

What is START?

START is a blend of soft and hard skills to help high school juniors & seniors and college students start their transition into their adult lives. As you may have heard, “adulting” is hard. 15 years ago, we used to say that students would learn these as part of the null curriculum. Yes, null, as in nothing. Educators knew that there was a group of skills that students would learn in order to be successful. It was more or less walking quietly in a line behind the teacher. With the growing neuro-diverse population, researches from across disciplines have been identifying what these skills actually are and why the are so important. Executive Functioning skills is a quick name drop, but there are so many more domains.

Social, Technical, Academic, & Recreational Tutorials

We anticipate never having the same conversation twice with our START groups! The reason is that every set of students will have a different set of strengths and needs! We created the START acronym to set out our program goals:

  • Social: Help students learn to interact with others and themselves. Social skills instruction to practice conversational skills, reading emotions, non-verbal language and more will help know how to better understand society and successfully navigate it. For the self, students will learn how to identify body sensations to describe physically and emotionally what they are experiencing and develop skills to help problem solve what they need to do should they need to adjust their physical or emotional state.
  • Technical: Students may need the technical skills in order to become ready for their future lives! While technology is ubiquitous for students of all ages, not everyone knows how to send a professional email or have a polite text message conversation. With the deployment of mobile technology, students may not have had a chance to learn keyboarding nor application specific skills (like word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software).
  • Academic: There numerous skills needed to be successful in academic settings. Note taking, summarizing, synthesizing and more all go above and beyond the traditional recall from elementary settings, especially with the Common Core Standards and college expectations. We’ll also cover communicating with teachers and peers.
  • Recreational: One of the most overlooked skills in our graduating students is how do they keep themselves busy with all of their newly found free time? Transitioning from a daily high school program to a part time college program can be scary for all since there is so much more time to fill. Successful individuals know how to keep themselves purposely occupied for self development and improvement. We’ll talk about places to go out in about in the community and nature.
  • Tutorials: We’re mindful that we’re an education business, not therapists. Many of these domains to have significant overlap with social-emotional services, but they are not intended to replace them; if there are specific needs we will be happy to give you a referral. What well will do is help group members set goals and find ways to achieve what they want to accomplish.

Our Near Term START Goal

We’re hoping to develop a cohort of staff and students that can learn START skills in the 2021-2022 academic year to start a college cohort at Santa Barbara Community College (SBCC) in the 2022-2023 school year! Cohort members can enroll in the same class and section with an IES instructor to receive additional supports to find success in college level academics! We’re hoping to spur the high school dual enrollment trend where students choose to enroll in college classes to earn full year high school credit from one semester of a high school class.

Enroll in a START Class

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Coming Fall 2021: Study Groups

group of people studying together

We’re excited about the possibility of schools returning to full time in person learning. How long since we’ve had that? Kids being with their peers, collaborating, and just being able to hang out IRL again will bring about a new excitement for school.

But, we know our kids haven’t learned all that they were entitled to learn the past 18 months. There just wasn’t the time nor the resources to make sure that all the math lessons got taught. Or all the history lessons that you may need for next year.

Individualized Educational Services is proud to be launching our Study Groups for high school students that may need a little extra help through the year. Our background in helping to teach fundamental concepts quickly will ensure no necessary skills go unlearned while ensuring that the content of the day is understood, too!

We know that high school students in Santa Barbara have many math classes and pathways to be in. If you’re interested, let us know what math class you’ll be taking next year. We’ll be happy to get the study group going for you!

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What does “Individualized” Mean?

There seems to be a lot of discussion these days about what does it mean to have something individualized for a single person, especially with the internet. There seems to be this worried that if we individualized the browsing experience for the person, they will see something different from the rest of us. But, that’s not at all what it means to us.

Individualizing means we look at the whole person in order to see what their strengths, goals, and desires are. It also means supporting them in their areas of need, too. What we then do is create unique supports that every child needs in order to make progress in their learning.

What do individualized supports look like?

Supports can be a variety of technological and simple accommodations! The technology that we all take for granted used to be costly and was out of reach for most. Dictation can help avoid impediments that spelling or fine motor issues can bring. Students that are slow to complete their calculations may benefit from a calculator so they can continue to understand more advanced math concepts, and learn technology appropriately. We also look for language supports for students still learning language or needing help from a language delay. Something as simple as a vocabulary word bank can help give the spark that moves a child from a single word response to and well thought out argument. Students that struggle understanding and completing a large assignment, such as an essay, may feel better when there is a step by step check list to get everything completed on time!

Our group lessons are designed with many of these features included in the class. This helps us build an inclusive environment where all students can find success and develop relationships where they don’t feel like the odd kid out and seek out to find more successful interactions.

Individualized Supports for a post-pandemic world

There has been a great word shift in education news. We’re no longer using the phrase learning loss: that phrase makes it seems like its something our students have done; now we’re looking at is as lost instructional time. It’s nothing that happened deliberately, it just is. Well thought out accommodations can be the bridge to help students move from where they are to where we hope them to be. Writing frames, at any level, can give students a model to practice with and move back up to grade level standards.

Another critical support are our social-emotional supports. Recognizing burn out and allowing grace in the form of extra time and breaks to relax will be essential going forward. We’re happy to bring awareness in the form of curricula choices and direct lessons to help students develop their tool kits for success!

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For The Future

What a year this has been! As we are making plans to finish out the 2020-2021 school year and develop our summer planing, we kept wondering what the future would bring. With all the chaos of the past year, we found ourselves wishing for the best and trying to work with what we had.

Our discussions have been focusing on what education, and learning should be for the 21st century and beyond. How does technology integrate into the plans for us, and our students. What do we teach so our students can be successful? Why are we teaching those skills?

As we took an inventory of what our content and methodology should be, fell upon our new precept.

It’s about giving our children the tools they need to function in any possible future setting, not just memorizing what is needed at the moment.

The future is uncertain. Why memorize a list of math facts if you do not know how or why to use them? Why just teach science concepts when you can facilitate an understanding of the world and how it changes? Let’s teach a process that can be used and generalized to what ever the future brings.

We hope that you’ll join us on our quest to provide an education that sets your children up for the future. One based upon cooperative learning and doing rather than rote test taking.