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For The Future!

We wanted to create a business motto not just because our consultant told us to, but to create inspiration for anyone that we interact with. Our own staff members. Teachers, principals, and other staff at schools. Parents. Most of all our students! It unifies us all together that what we are not doing right now is not just for a letter grade on an assignment, class grade, report card grade, transcript, or even a diploma. We are educating For the Future. Jobs, careers, relationships, getting health care, keeping your sanity, and dealing with all life has in store for us, in the future.

It is a cognitive distortion to predict the future. So we won’t do it. Moore’s Law continues to hold true that technology doubles its abilities every two years, so just knowing how computers currently work will not be enough. Weather reports are barely accurate past three days. So how do we get ready For the Future?

It’s as simple as teaching to look at the weather forecast before deciding what to wear! Rather than an adult dictate some knowledge, teach how to find the answer and make a decision! It really is that simple, but it does take rethinking how teachers come off as the only validator of right and wrong (and how students resort to AI to hope it’s answers are right enough to sneak by).

By teaching a process, we create empowerment for our students. We create confidence that they can accomplish their goals. We give them the space to take charge of their own learning. And if they need guidance and support, we are always there when they need it. We are not the analog of online learning platforms where the binary nature of computers is right or wrong.

By teaching critical thinking, decision making, cause and effect, and other process skills, we are preparing our children to be ready for what ever problems that may arise in their lives. Life has known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. It is only by trusting our children with their own decision making that they will be truly prepared. Will they only know 3×4 is 12 or will they have a skill set ready to take on what ever the future may have on hand?

We invite you to learn with us, For the Future.

IES' 2x2 puzzle logo in greens and blues with "For The Future" motto.
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New Teaching

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is currently the longest recognized word in English, and if you use root words, it breaks down and self defines. It’s about the pneumonia you get from breathing in tiny glass particles from a volcano. This is a wonderful strategy for not only reading, but for approaching education as a whole.

Educational Psychology is the resulting discipline of understanding assessment results and explaining how we learning. We specialize in putting the pieces together and understanding how a limited working memory may be making longer math problems difficult or how visual-spatial issues makes cause and effect difficult to understand. Being able to know what to do with assessment results is critical. While IEPs find areas of deficit, we take an action based approach. Your child took time to complete those test, so the adults should make time to to put in the same effort to come up with a meaningful plan that creates a purposeful plan for success! We do this by carefully looking at processing abilities and aligning them to academic needs. By piecing the information together, we can work deliberately to achieve results. This is sometimes referred to as educational therapy, but we proudly place it in the forefront of our BRAIN programs.

How is this different from neuro-educational strategies? Well, this is what we actually do! Our research was prompted by a wonderful speech pathologist telling us to teach “transitive verbs first.” (Those are verbs that we use that must have an object). Why is this so important? Well, it requires something observable to be done based upon a student’s thinking. Consider the verb “to carry.” You cannot use it without identifying what to carry. “Carry the bag of groceries” makes sense while “You carry” does not. Other verbs are met with minimal thinking and are typically based in habit, like “eat” and “sit” (these are intransitive verbs, if you were wondering). This led us to the wonderful understanding and appreciation of processed based learning!

Process based learning is as simple as “show me 3×4” rather than “What is 3×4?” The former requires an explanation, with modeling, rather than the rote response as required by the later. Memorizing is hard. That’s not to say we don’t want to build fluency and automaticity, but we don’t learn by memorizing. We learn by trial and error. Which is a process.

We also build instruction through the remediation of specific processing needs, essential to neuro-placidity. Why let a child struggle with their visual perceptual skills when we can improve them through game like activities or with the help of our local Developmental Optometrist? By improving the processing, we can help improve the actual process of learning rather than just continuing to support a deficit. We also have strategies for working memory, language, and more, but we’ll follow up with those later.

We’re a big fan of educational kinesiology, too. Creating movement rather than just sitting and clicking a mouse. (We’re looking at you, Kahn Academy. Your proof of concept was in the pandemic!)

If you’d like to know more about how we can apply these to your child’s learning, please reach out to us today!

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Building Relations

You may have heard some rather negative press coverage of independent study charter schools, like the former Inspire Charter School network. Was there mismanagement? Yes, there was. But there were many students and their families that were trying to find a place that worked for them for many different reasons. Slower processing times and other learning differences. Anxiety Disorders. Neurodiversity needs. Twice exceptional students that worked on college level concepts, but need help writing a single word. Students that wanted to move quickly into more interesting topics. It is these reasons why we continue to support alternative public school environments! We’re working hard to overcome the past problems to broaden the options that families have while ensuring accountability. Our advocacy with the charter schools encourages students to participate in State Testing, working to meet state standards, and encouraging students to lead their own learning period conferences. We encourage you to find out more how independent study schools develop more accountability to meeting students needs and expecting progress than some of the more traditional options!

As a vendor for these schools, we sign a vendor contract that stipulates how we will be reimbursed for services we provide. This is part of our total transparency. You’ll see our prices right on our website so there are no surprises. We’re challenging other institutions to do this as well. We’re not out to be competitive with our pricing, but to be accessible to as many students as possible (which does make us competitively priced, especially with private schools!).

Since many of our students are in Special Education, it comes as no surprise that we attend IEP meetings. While we come as a child’s advocate, we know that building relationships is much more than finding wrongs and demanding they be corrected. It’s about building the long term relationship to better the experience over time and trying to empower the school with new ideas to find success not only for our own clients, but the school and community at large.

One of the ending accomplishments of this is to save us money. Yes, us. Special Education settlements can cost school districts hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle. Even more if it results in a residential placement in a school in Utah where we fly the staff and families back in forth. Our local relationship building keeps monies where they should be: servicing students locally with effective supports to make our communities even better! We look to be win-win, For the Future!

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In the Community

As a private institution, we need to stand out from others by ensuring we are up to date on new research, educational, trends, and issues that affect how education functions in the community. But, we realize that our direct audience is limited to those that we directly serve. What’s the point of trying to keep all this amazing information that we learn to ourselves? Including others in the conversation, finding ways to include as many people as possible, and advocating for change whenever possible are core to our identity as a modern education business.

We seek to understand, then be understood. We will start working with any student in their family, as let’s be honest, we really each only have one shot at a K-12 education that results in a diploma. For any child, there is no time for us to waste as their teachers and them as a student. We do not have a second or third chance to get it right; the time is now to be right! Students of different level of English proficiency and any learning needs are welcome. Diversity helps bring different perspectives which foster deeper understandings of issues. All are welcome!

As a private institution, we recognize that financial barriers exist. We are proud to be continuing our existing relationships with Heartland Charter School and Blueridge Charter School as a service vendor, and are looking forward to working with other schools soon! These schools help build wrap around community supports for learning for each individual child rather than institutional expectations. Should you be joining us as a private pay client, we do offer scholarships on individual need. If you are in need of our services, please reach out to us so we can find a path forward, For the Future!

Lastly, we’re here to advocate for systems change. Some of our staff are active, and encouraged to be active, in local and state advocacy groups to bring awareness to issues affecting our educational systems. Our action brought awareness to the State of California on how the Power Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS; where power companies turn off the power to prevent fires) would affect individuals with powered medical equipment. It’s amazing to see the companies now making battery systems available to people that need it in high fire risk areas.

We hope that our work benefits the entire community. Not just in educating our current students in being able to take care of themselves and participate in the economy and society, but making everyone’s life a bit more manageable, For the Future.

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Our History

We started in Ventura county going directly into clients’ homes providing after school tutoring to any family wishing to gain clarity for themselves or their children. As a former Special Education classroom teacher, it was different being in the other side, not just on the other side of the table. Parents want the best for their children (heads up- schools only provide “educational benefit”) and they don’t always know what it looks like.

The need to provide at home supports quickly outpaced the need to provide academic tutoring only. As we built trust with our clients, we saw that there was a need to provide more supports in the modern world- technology, social media, teenage drama, and everything else we’ve been dealing with! Yes, the academic needs were there, but so too were the other needs that were wearing us down from understanding academics. Out of this came some amazing at home supports to meet the children at their level, foster independence, and return a sense of calm to a home.

As we’ve grown as a business, we’ve become a vendor for several independent study charter schools and have settled down in a physical location in Santa Barbara for classes and tutoring. We’re continuing to build relationships with the schools that were re-established after the fallout of Inspire Charter School to continue to build a solid foundation for supporting independent study programs and individualized education. This includes ensuring access rigorous academics, accountability, and transparency. We know that public schools cannot be a fit for 100% of the population, including those students receiving special education services. To truly create a modern educational system, we must look to the whole community to support public education, ensure our public monies are well spent, and support alternatives where existing options are not meeting current needs.

Where are we looking to grow next? Well, technically everywhere with an internet connection. Many of our classes are now joined remotely with students in office and virtual, with the same high expectations we have in person. We’re now providing staffing at Private Schools in Santa Barbara. Future consideration includes parent support groups, working with Santa Barbara and Ventura County SELPAS for paraprofessional training and / or staffing, and developing supports for students transitioning into Santa Barbara City College. If you think we’re a good fit for changing how education is managed in your institution, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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A Piece of the Puzzle

Welcome to our New Blog!

We’re excited to share what’s going on with the community! Sometimes we get so caught up in working with our students that we forget to reach out to share with others what we’re up to!

We’ll be sharing a little piece of what’s going on so you can get information on what we’re helping our students with! While we would love for you to come work with us, we believe that knowledge is power and is worth sharing!

As we find interesting and exciting ideas for all students, we’ll be posting them here one piece at a time.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Why are they still using the puzzle piece as their logo and theme?” There has been some advocacy against using the puzzle piece as a symbol for the diverseness community since one organization does not seem to represent the larger group. The part to the whole relationship is what makes the puzzle piece theme so intriguing. The whole is its own entity comprised of its individual parts. Each piece should be understood and its interconnections studied so we can appreciate the whole even more. We hope this blog shows you how this essential skill of seeing the whole and its parts together and separately is such an essential skill throughout life.

We welcome conversation! Let’s move everyone together, For the Future!

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ADVANCE! This Summer

Palm trees on beach clip art

Are You Ready to ADVANCE!?

Every student can use some time to ADVANCE! IES has taken the best of our curricula and best teaching strategies to help with ADVAnced ENRichment & Coaching Empowerment! Our summer classes help reteach misunderstood concepts in a easy to understand way and then extend the concepts to higher levels of applications for next fall’s classes.

Students of all levels will find success and challenge to bring a high purpose for their summer schedules!

Our classes are built from the ground up with universal access so students of all learning styles are able to comprehend and master skills. We do this by providing thoughtful, engaging lessons with as much multi-modality input as we possibly can!

Classes meet 5 Days a week starting July 10 and End August 11. Join us for all five weeks, or one week at a time!

TimeHigh SchoolMiddle SchoolElementary School
9:00 – 10:00SAT MathADVANCE! WritingADVANCE! Writing
10:00 – 11:00SAT EnglishADVANCE! Stories &
ADVANCE! Stories &
11:15 – 12:15ADVANCE! Math 2/3
Review & Preview
ADVANCE! Math 1/2
Review & Preview
ADVANCE! Upper Grade
Math Review & Preview
12:15 – 12:45Lunch & GamesBreak
12:45 – 1:45ADVANCE! Current Events,
Language & Rhetoric
ADVANCE! Pre-Algebra
Math Review & Preview
ADVANCE! Physical
Science & STEM
1:45 – 2:45ADVANCE! Stories &
ADVANCE! Logic & Problem
ADVANCE! Word Cultures
& Art
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Pricing, For the Future

We are proud to have launched our new website enrollment system! We have been working hard to post our catalogue of classes and services all in one place! All families will now be able to pick what classes they want to take and set up their monthly reoccurring payments for classes or set up hourly service payments. We can all rest easy knowing the little business things are taken care of!

Our Course Catalogue and Services Look Different from Other Tutoring Services

While we hope you appreciate our grouping of services by grade and subject, we hope you better appreciate our up front pricing. Yes, our costs to you are up front, from the very beginning.

We believe all professional services should be the same, open and transparent in all that they do and how much each service costs.

We also hope you notice our pricing.

We want to help as many students as possible and seek to keep our prices below the average area prices. Our commitment to education and dedication to exceptional teaching strategies will never be undercut.

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’21-’22 Teaching Pods Special!


We feel your pain! The uncertainty of the upcoming academic year is once again becoming questionable as our public heath needs change from the pandemic day by day!

Take control of your child’s education! Individualized Educational Services is now accepting reservations for in person learning pods! We know that our children have missed educational opportunities from distance learning, and they need to make up ground quickly and move ahead to feel success! Our neuro-educational teaching strategies help any student recover lost time by developing a depth of understanding that generalizes into more advance concepts. We’ve had students score three grade levels higher in mathematics in one year!

Our Education Center, near Cottage Hospital Goleta, is equipped with air purifiers in the HVAC system and in each room. We provide the space, the materials, and the education! Please reach out to us today to see how we can help set up your learning pod!

Early Enrollment Special!

Gather your learning pod group now! Enroll by August 20, 2021 and receive a discount for each group member off our 2 and 4 day programs!

  • A group of 4 saves 10%
  • A group of 5 or more saves 16%

Discount Requirements

  • Group members must be within a 3 grade level span if K-8, or be able to to work within a 3 grade level span. For example, a third grader may join a group of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders if the work can be completed.
  • Pricing is for in office services.
  • Each family will receive a coupon code to receive the discount through our website.
  • Our Learning Pods follow the IES Academic Calendar
  • Minimum 3 Month Commitment, with 1 month cancellation notice.