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Cut, Copy & Print Club

Need help preparing for the new school year? Are you looking for low cost, easy to make manipulatives? We’ve got you covered! Join our Cut, Copy & Print club to join our educational community’s printer and die cut system!

You’ll be able to print out resources for you educational need in full color and on both sides of the paper with ease! Save your ink, and the marker smudges that go with it!

We have a growing set of die cuts to create the multi-modality educational activities that all children need! We currently have an alphabet set, plus fraction sets, base ten sets, and flash card sets.

When you join, you’ll be able to send files to print where ever you are (even at home!) and pick them up the next time you come into our office. You’ll have access to our paper, lamination, and more to create the activities you need!

Current Cut, Copy & Print Club Printer Directions

Cut, Copy & Print Club FAQs

Do students need to sign up to print materials for classes?

No, all materials are included in the prices for our classes, tutoring, and family coaching plans.

Will enrollment in the club let me use IES’ teaching materials?

Due to copy right restrictions, we can only share materials for students receiving our direct services based upon the instructor’s choice of materials to fit the students’ needs and class objectives.

Are there limits to what I can print?

We ask that you follow copy right law, and print out materials that you have the right to do so.

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