B.R.A.I.N. Clases

Bridging Reading & Arithmetic Imagery Needs

IES’ B.R.A.I.N. classes strive to blend new understanding of how the brain works and learns new information with the best pedagogical techniques to put forth cross-subject lessons that will engage students’ attention, develop vocabulary, enhance written and oral language, solidify math concepts, and encourage problem solving based on how the brain is now known to function. BRAIN classes are the bridge between your child child and the learning material.

B.R.A.I.N. classes are a perfect match for children that learn differently, need extra support to learn new concepts, or have yet to attain mastery in specific concepts. The integrated “good teaching techniques” will make every child feel they can successfully master what they are learning!

While there are many intervention programs that exist to build concept imagery and develop symbolic / verbal integration, they face limitations because they are intervention programs. B.R.A.I.N. classes seek to overcome this obstacle and use the teaching methodologies used in these familiar, costly intervention centers and use the teaching methods with lessons aligned to grade level standards. By providing quality teaching techniques with every lesson, students will be able to learn in a modality that is best for them and access their grade level standards, that is provide remediation and core access.

Expected Student Outcomes

Education is now recognizing the need to support students beyond the standards:

  • Students develop language to understand their own unique physical, social, and emotional needs to embrace a growth mindset to become life long learners through multiple successes and develop critical thinking skills when they need to re-approach a problem or have a first attempt in learning, or F.A.I.L.
  • Students become more confidant and expressive through a variety of means by choosing specific words, composing poems and lyrics, and accessing other forms of art to cover an array of expressive needs.
  • Students gather a wide breadth of vocabulary, imagery, and knowledge from the content areas to become descriptive of the world around them and to communicate with a variety of intents.
  • Students engage in frequent writing to develop a control of language, more complex linguistic styles, and write for a variety of reasons to understand the nuances of informing and persuading.
  • Students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of parsimony through trans-disciplinary lessons by using problem solving, comprehension skills, logic, and knowledge from all subjects to see both the “big picture” and the “little details.”
  • Students learn to work near and with other students and appreciate how other students may supplement each other to become part of a larger whole with positive interpersonal communication skills.

Program Options

  • By The Class: please see our current schedule. Many of our class options use BRAIN strategies for families in homeschooling settings or independent study programs. Rates start at $25 per class hour.
  • 2 Day Program: For students in need of a well rounded specially designed academic program, we offer a two day drop of program that covers reading, math, science / social studies, and activities to help with brain processing needs. Our 10 hour program fits with charter school guidelines or families that have other weekly activities. Monthly rate of $1000 for a 10 month program September through June.
  • 4 Day Program: An expanded offering of our 2 day program! Even more time for targeted instruction and development! Monthly rate of $1800 for a 10 month program September through June; by request or referral only.
  • After School BRAIN Tutoring: Help your child meet specific needs to they can quickly catch up to grade level content! We’ll work on essential skills so more advance concepts can be broken into their components with success. Time is also spent on brain processing activities to help the act of learning become easier. Hourly rate of $60 per hour.

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