IES is proud to offer a variety of classes, including BRAIN classes and A-G approved High school Classes for Inspire Charter School Students. We build these classes with universal access built in for all students’ successes!


Directed lessons are an option for any of your child’s needs, whether it is to get ahead in a subject, catch up, help with a disability, or remediation of a disability. Tutoring is available at our office for individuals or small groups.

Educational Therapy

Specialized academic instruction based on your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. Educational Therapy is a child-first, whole-child way of increasing academic and cognitive skill development.

Academic Collaboration

Gain an understanding of the roadmap of K-12 education for college success. Understand the common core standards, assessment and steps to help your child become successful!


Normed reading comprehension and math assessments can be used to gain a picture of your child’s academic abilities. The TORC-4 and Key Math 3DA can provide valuable insight for any school setting.

Behavioral Support

Understand the supports your child needs, rather than engages the behavior. Using the SCERTS model, your child can be given the correct supports that match their language and developmental level so they can learn to manage their self regulation so they do not have to act out. Opportunities for growth include language development and social skills building.

Family Coaching

Help your children gain independence and bring active communication to your family. Develop common language, behavioral supports, and visuals to help your family work together.

School Collaboration

Get help with working with teachers and the school to help your child make progress and get the supports he she needs. Help is available for all meetings: Student Study Team (SST), 504 plans, and IEP meetings.

Homeschooling Support

Supports are available to help parents understand curriculum planning and goal tracking, as well as aiding in direct instruction to help your family meet your educational goals for your child.