Family Coaching

Who wouldn’t want help in making their lives a little bit better? Our family coaching helps parents and their children come up with systems and supports for understanding on what their values are. We’ll work together to get everyone on the same page to minimize confusion and find more free time for what you want to do!

Supports We’ve Created

  • Schedules: for any reading level and / or language level. Help everyone in your family know where they are supposed to be at the right times. It helps to outsource to the schedule to take the responsibility off of you! It also works when the no-so-fun things must be completed. If it’s on the schedule, its not on mom!
  • Agenda Books: Customized schedules of what must be accomplished. We’ll work through with everyone to determine what presentation is the best to make it work for everyone involved. In case your wondering, we can help color code everything!
  • Chore Cards: We’ll help you come up with a list of chores you want help with, decide if they are may-dos or must dos, and attach rewards for completion (like allowance). We’ll help with color coding so everyone knows their expectations and can show that they’re met.
  • Family Contracts: Sometimes it helps to have a written plan for everyone to see that is black and white. Parents and teens know what to expect from each other, limits, and follow through actions when activities do and do not happen. We’ll help to make sure everything is functional and clear
  • Referrals: Coaching is not therapy. If you’re in need a specific specialist, LMFT or otherwise, we’ll help you get in touch with the right person

Screen Time Support

With so many devices and technological demands, it is easy for anyone, adults and kids alike, to get caught staring into a screen for too long. But, with psychologists on staff, the big tech companies are trying to make sure we use their products as they see fit: as much as possible. We’ll work with you to help understand what make tech addicting and be able to communicate the issues with your family, no matter their age. We’ve worked with many families through the years to help them through Dr. Dunckley’s Brain Reset program, including setting up the introduction, finding replacement activities, and working with schools. Everyone will have an understanding of why it is so important to have balance in their day!

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