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In the Community

As a private institution, we need to stand out from others by ensuring we are up to date on new research, educational, trends, and issues that affect how education functions in the community. But, we realize that our direct audience is limited to those that we directly serve. What’s the point of trying to keep all this amazing information that we learn to ourselves? Including others in the conversation, finding ways to include as many people as possible, and advocating for change whenever possible are core to our identity as a modern education business.

We seek to understand, then be understood. We will start working with any student in their family, as let’s be honest, we really each only have one shot at a K-12 education that results in a diploma. For any child, there is no time for us to waste as their teachers and them as a student. We do not have a second or third chance to get it right; the time is now to be right! Students of different level of English proficiency and any learning needs are welcome. Diversity helps bring different perspectives which foster deeper understandings of issues. All are welcome!

As a private institution, we recognize that financial barriers exist. We are proud to be continuing our existing relationships with Heartland Charter School and Blueridge Charter School as a service vendor, and are looking forward to working with other schools soon! These schools help build wrap around community supports for learning for each individual child rather than institutional expectations. Should you be joining us as a private pay client, we do offer scholarships on individual need. If you are in need of our services, please reach out to us so we can find a path forward, For the Future!

Lastly, we’re here to advocate for systems change. Some of our staff are active, and encouraged to be active, in local and state advocacy groups to bring awareness to issues affecting our educational systems. Our action brought awareness to the State of California on how the Power Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS; where power companies turn off the power to prevent fires) would affect individuals with powered medical equipment. It’s amazing to see the companies now making battery systems available to people that need it in high fire risk areas.

We hope that our work benefits the entire community. Not just in educating our current students in being able to take care of themselves and participate in the economy and society, but making everyone’s life a bit more manageable, For the Future.

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