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A Piece of the Puzzle

Welcome to our New Blog!

We’re excited to share what’s going on with the community! Sometimes we get so caught up in working with our students that we forget to reach out to share with others what we’re up to!

We’ll be sharing a little piece of what’s going on so you can get information on what we’re helping our students with! While we would love for you to come work with us, we believe that knowledge is power and is worth sharing!

As we find interesting and exciting ideas for all students, we’ll be posting them here one piece at a time.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Why are they still using the puzzle piece as their logo and theme?” There has been some advocacy against using the puzzle piece as a symbol for the diverseness community since one organization does not seem to represent the larger group. The part to the whole relationship is what makes the puzzle piece theme so intriguing. The whole is its own entity comprised of its individual parts. Each piece should be understood and its interconnections studied so we can appreciate the whole even more. We hope this blog shows you how this essential skill of seeing the whole and its parts together and separately is such an essential skill throughout life.

We welcome conversation! Let’s move everyone together, For the Future!

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