Individualized Educational Services is looking to grow! We are looking for motivated individuals looking to make a difference in children’s lives through quality education. If you’re a highly reliable person, and have a passion or interest, please consider submitting an information request for an application packet. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Paraprofessionals & Tutors

Working under the supervision of IES’ director and / or supervising teacher, paraprofessionals and tutors provide lessons to help students attain mastery. Following an instructor’s lesson plans and directions, a paraprofessional may help students in the class with pre-teaching or re-teaching concepts. Paraprofessionals need to be able to manage a small to medium group independently while tutors work one to one with a student. The desired employee would be a high school graduate working towards a college degree with experiences working with children. The highly desired employee would have more than thirty college units and experiences with children in education and / or working with children with exceptional needs. Starting Salary at $20 hourly.


Working under the supervision of IES’ director, instructors deliver content to students following specific lesson plans or curriculum and administer assessment tools to determine if students are meeting objectives or not. Instructors will collaborate with teachers and the director to make instructional changes to ensure all student succeed. Instructors need to be able to manage a small to medium group environment independently. The desired employee will have thirty or more college units towards any college degree. The highly desired employee will be working towards an associates or bachelor’s degree in a course they wish to instruct, or a degree related to education. Starting Salary at $32 hourly.


Working under the supervision of IES’ director, teachers will teach classes based on contemporary best practices and unique student needs to better students’ skill sets based on business needs. A teacher will utilize assessment information to design appropriate lessons, deliver them to a medium to large group of students, and use summative information to determine if instructional goals are being met. Teachers will also direct paraprofessionals and helpers in a manner that is productive to the learning of the students. The desired employee will hold a valid California Teaching Credential, exceptional knowledge of positive behavioral supports, and exceptional communication skills. The highly desired employee will have a Clear California Teaching Credential and exceptional knowledge of pedagogy for exceptional learners. Starting Salary at $40 hourly.

Curriculum Developer

Under the supervision of IES’ director, an instructor or teacher may receive paid stipend to develop curriculum for a specific class or program to be instructed through IES. The developer must aim to develop a universally accessible curriculum for as many students to engage in, with thoughtful and reasonable accommodations that allow for core concepts to be understood and explained through a variety of ability levels. The desired employee will have a Clear California Teaching Credential and experience teaching at multiple grade levels and working with all types of students. The highly desired employee will have five or more years of teaching experience, knowledge in contemporary best practices, cognitive theory, state and national standards, and exceptional writing abilities. Additional Stipend based upon project needs.


Under the supervision of IES’ director, an instructor or teacher may take on extra business responsibilities, including open / closing of business locations, securing student records, ensuring parents pick up their children, and helping to maintain the professional atmosphere of the business. The desired employee will be trained in non-violent crisis intervention and have prior supervisory experience. The highly desired employee will have prior management experience. Additional hourly rate of $2 hourly.

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