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Increase the Value of Your Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

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Your family may be one of the thousands of across the country to be receiving your child tax credit as an advance rather than a deduction come tax time. This has brought a change to our line of thinking- what do you actually spend that money on rather than just write it off at the end of the year? Now that the money is going straight to you as an asset, you should think about investing in your child in their growth.

Return on investment (ROI) is such a common term applied to money. But what about expanding to your your children’s education? A college degree can provide 6-20% ROI! We challenge you to find an interest rate or another ROI that pays out as much!

Individualized Educational Services strives to make our services open to all. Our after school tutoring and study groups will hep your child become ready for their future successes. Invest in your children well!

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