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Pricing, For the Future

We are proud to have launched our new website enrollment system! We have been working hard to post our catalogue of classes and services all in one place! All families will now be able to pick what classes they want to take and set up their monthly reoccurring payments for classes or set up hourly service payments. We can all rest easy knowing the little business things are taken care of!

Our Course Catalogue and Services Look Different from Other Tutoring Services

While we hope you appreciate our grouping of services by grade and subject, we hope you better appreciate our up front pricing. Yes, our costs to you are up front, from the very beginning.

We believe all professional services should be the same, open and transparent in all that they do and how much each service costs.

We also hope you notice our pricing.

We want to help as many students as possible and seek to keep our prices below the average area prices. Our commitment to education and dedication to exceptional teaching strategies will never be undercut.

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