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Coming Fall 2021: Study Groups

group of people studying together

We’re excited about the possibility of schools returning to full time in person learning. How long since we’ve had that? Kids being with their peers, collaborating, and just being able to hang out IRL again will bring about a new excitement for school.

But, we know our kids haven’t learned all that they were entitled to learn the past 18 months. There just wasn’t the time nor the resources to make sure that all the math lessons got taught. Or all the history lessons that you may need for next year.

Individualized Educational Services is proud to be launching our Study Groups for high school students that may need a little extra help through the year. Our background in helping to teach fundamental concepts quickly will ensure no necessary skills go unlearned while ensuring that the content of the day is understood, too!

We know that high school students in Santa Barbara have many math classes and pathways to be in. If you’re interested, let us know what math class you’ll be taking next year. We’ll be happy to get the study group going for you!

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