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For The Future

What a year this has been! As we are making plans to finish out the 2020-2021 school year and develop our summer planing, we kept wondering what the future would bring. With all the chaos of the past year, we found ourselves wishing for the best and trying to work with what we had.

Our discussions have been focusing on what education, and learning should be for the 21st century and beyond. How does technology integrate into the plans for us, and our students. What do we teach so our students can be successful? Why are we teaching those skills?

As we took an inventory of what our content and methodology should be, fell upon our new precept.

It’s about giving our children the tools they need to function in any possible future setting, not just memorizing what is needed at the moment.

The future is uncertain. Why memorize a list of math facts if you do not know how or why to use them? Why just teach science concepts when you can facilitate an understanding of the world and how it changes? Let’s teach a process that can be used and generalized to what ever the future brings.

We hope that you’ll join us on our quest to provide an education that sets your children up for the future. One based upon cooperative learning and doing rather than rote test taking.

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