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Summer 2021

A Summer for Creating, not Reacting

We’re pleased to announce our summer 2021 programing, reimagined for post-pandemic education needs. Our children have been through so much over the past school year and we may truly not know how much learning loss has happened. Our Summer 2021 programming is designed up to be a creative space for students to find success:

  • Universal Access: Our instruction is inclusive for all students, including students with limited language abilities and neuro-diversity. We plan on every student succeeding from the beginning!
  • Processed Based: Instruction is based upon a process rather than just rote memorization. What your child learns over the summer will carry through the rest of their lives as a strategy, not just a random fact.
  • Small Groups: Group size is capped to ensure that there is a low student to teacher ratio. We’re currently planning on no more than 5 students per group in session and remote. Not because of public health measures, but because its the best way to educate.
  • Teacher Facilitated: Your children are intelligent! We use their skill sets and background knowledge to help expand what they’re able to do rather than have them listen to the teacher tell them what to do.
  • Neuro-Educational: Our curriculum is fluid based upon the needs of the student and what is being studied in neuro-psychology so we can teach on how the brain learns. We take the big name intervention teaching strategies and bring them regular teaching so everyone can find success!

Schedule & Fess

Our 20 day program is spaced just right in the summer so you can schedule some needed trips and downtime before your school year starts up again!

Start Date: Wednesday July 7, 2021

End Date: Tuesday August 10, 20201

Our full day program starts at 9am and ends at 2pm, with time for a break, social-emotional learning, and lunch time (BYO lunch). You may also enroll by the class.

9:00 – 10:00MS/ HS Pre-Algebra SkillsHS Language & RhetoricElem* Decoding & Writing
10:00 – 11:00MS/ HS Algebra / Math 1 SkillsMS Word Work & LanguageElem.* Writing & Language
11:00 – 11:15BreakBreakBreak
11:15 – 12:15HS Reading & WritingMS Reading & WritingElem.* Math
12:15 – 12:30Social / Emotional LearningSocial / Emotional LearningSocial / Emotional Learning
12:30 – 1:00LunchLunchLunch
1:00 – 2:00HS Algebra 2 / Math 2 & 3 SkillsMS/HS Current EventsMS / Elem. Physical Science
*Elem.: Grades 3-5; MS Grades 6-8; HS Grades 9-12 for the next school year

Session Fees:

  • Full Day Program: $1700 for 20 days; $17 per hour. A savings of $2300 from our tutoring rate!
  • 3 Classes, SEL & Lunch: $1500; $20 per hour. A savings of $1500 from our tutoring rate!
  • 3 Classes: $1320; $22 per hour
  • 2 Classes: $920; $23 per hour
  • 1 Class: $500; $25 per hour

Summer Enrollment: Starts April 1st!

  1. Fill out the Family Information Form so we have everyone’s contact information.
  2. Select the number of classes you want to enroll in, and select add to cart.
  3. Select the classes you want and add each one to your cart
  4. Select the pay fees and register to use our secure payment processor (Stripe) or Paypal to reserve your spot!
  5. We’ll confirm enrollment via email to you when we receive your request and payment.
  6. Charter School Families: it seems unlikely that your school will pay for summer services this year. Please contact your teacher for more information. Our programing will start after July 1, the next fiscal year for schools.

Enrollment FAQs

What flexibility are you offering with the pandemic?

IES will continue our learning flexibility model. Should there be a reason to stop in person services, we would be able to move to remote learning and come back when it’s safe. We’re following current Santa Barbara County guidance to school cohorts.

What safety measures are you taking?

We’re following strict cleaning procedures, as well as self monitoring students and staff to make sure they are well. Each student will also receive their individual set of supplies to minimize sharing. We’re also spacing everyone out to 6 feet.

How and when can I request a refund?

You may request a full refund in writing prior to June 18, 2021 for any reason, less any financial fees. 50% of your fees will be refunded until the June 5, 2021, less financial fees and after July 4, there will be a 20% refund, less financial fees, unless you can find a stand-in.

Can my child move classes after the program starts?

Yes, if there is room in another group. With all that has been of the past year, we foresee the need to be flexible, especially as we gain a clearer understanding of where our children are functioning in their academics. As part of our universal access, we plan on supporting all learners in the groups!

Will you use the CPM Math books?

No! We use a variety of sources to provide the conceptual foundation with direct instruction so students can find mastery with their math skills. Since local school districts do use CPM, we will use the scope and sequence as a guide of what to teach, but now how to teach the concepts.

This all sounds to be too good for the price. What’s the catch?

Education is essential! We believe in keeping our prices as fair as possible to allow as many children as possible to receive a quality education!

If you are not able to pay in full, please check out Pay Pal’s pay in 4 credit offer when you check out with Pay Pal. You will be billed over 2 months.

Need Something Else? We’re still planning! Let us know in the comments below!

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