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English & Language Arts

Phonics & Spelling Skills

Grade level and remediation help for students that need practice learning to sound out words and spell them. Multi-modality teaching helps all kids learn, including students with visual-perceptual delays, such as dyslexia.

Reading Comprehension & Literacy

Reading instruction at any level, through high school! Help your child develop a movie so they can understand what they are reading! Individualized, high interest stories help engage reading and writing skills and push them forward. Extended time can be used to help develop vocabulary, grammar, and language skills, too!

High School Literature & Rhetorical Analysis

Read great books that are connected by thematic questions to challenge your understanding of the world and those around you. Learn to read literature with a more critical understanding and increase your writing abilities.E xtend you high school student’s critical thinking skill by developing their argumentation abilities and ability to see through logical flaws to strengthen their own persuasion skills. Give your child tools to see through advertising and being sold out!

Math Classes

Elementary Math: Level IV

Level IV. Students move into longer computations with multiplication and division, including quotients with a remainder. A deeper study of fractions is presented, including comparing, adding, and subtracting with like denominators. Measuring and data analysis are reviewed.

Elementary Math: Level V

Level V. A deeper appreciation of fractions are introduced, including operations with uncommon denominators. Relationships between fractions, decimals, and percents are studied. The study of patterns is expanded to the use of the coordinate plane to show the pattern and other data.

Elementary Math: Level VI

Level VI. This capstone class introduces students to exponents to better understand the base ten numbering system and multiplication. Fractions are expanded to include rates and ratios. Students begin to explore negative numbers and operations with integers.


Covering middle school concepts, this pre-algebra class is designed to get students ready for algebra. We emphasize problem solving through visualization so students have understanding, rather than just guessing!

Algebra I

Perfect to get ahead for high school readiness or meet the high school graduation requirement. Using the Big Ideas Math curriculum, students will visualize the math concepts to ensure success.


This class is an essential for the college admission process! Students will begin to apply deduction and logic in order to justify their conclusions- skills for English and content area classes!

Science Classes

Elementary Physical Sciences

This class focuses on basic chemistry and forces to understand the electromagnetic spectrum. Children build with magnets and circuits to understand how things work. Language arts is integrated to build literacy skills.

High School Physical Science

Get help with note taking, hands-on understanding, and conceptual understanding of geology, volcanism, and astronomy. Can be used with a high school text of your choice!

Whole Child Activities

Arts & Self Expression

Structured lessons explore the use of creative arts to identify the differences between emotions, needs, and wants. Visual arts (drawing, color, painting) and written arts (poetry, language) will be used to help self expression and communication. Groups based on age levels to help with unique goals.

Game Days

A fun break for your kids that prompts healthy interactions with peers! Games of all types will be taught to strengthen recreational skills and communication skills to handle all of the situations that can come from game play! Groups for all ages!

Goal Setting & Personal Development

Give your child the tools necessary to start taking charge of their own education by helping them develop goals, vocabulary, emotional regulation and self control. Get individualized tools for your child to manage their time in a way that works for them!

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All of our class offerings are secular in nature and follow guidelines for Charter School Funding.