Elementary Math VI

Course Outcomes:

  1. Students will create visual understandings of numbers, order numbers on a number line, and show basic operations visually, symbolically, and verbally to model a variety of problems and scenarios.
  2. Students will connect division with fractions and how dividing a numerator by a denominator necessitates numbers to be formed that are less than a whole.
  3. Students will create visual, symbolic, and verbal models of fractions and be able to compute the four basic operations with fractions.
  4. Students will connect place value less than 1 and understand the scale with visuals and the change in the verbal model by adding “ths.” Students will compute the four basic operations with decimals and utilize problem solving skills to solve real world problems.
  5. Students will explore integers as “opposite” the positive numbers they are familiar with by constructing and using a number line for addition, subtraction, and multiplication to solve items. Students will discuss the limitations of integers and how they do not directly appear in language nor nature.
  6. Students will apply the basic skills they have learned to geometry concepts, such as area, perimeter, and volume to solve common problems.
  7. Students will connect dimensional concepts from geometry to exponents to formulate an understanding. Students will calculate with exponents as repeated multiplication or division. They will use roots as the opposite operation.
  8. Students will use technology as appropriate, understanding that calculators are tools of the trade, not answer generating machines, and only output quality data when quality input is given.

Our Elementary Math VI Class will meet Mondays at 1:45 – 2:45.

Course information for students may be found on our Google Class Page.

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