Saturday SAT Prep & Practice


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We’ll review all aspects of math that are on the SAT, calculator and non-calculator questions. Test directions, including grid-in problems will be covered. After a practice test on the second day of class with item analysis, each type of problem category will be reviewed, including: heart of algebra, problem solving, data analysis, advanced mathematics & equations, and geometry / trigonometry. Students will receive their own practice book to continue studying outside of class, too. Students will have access to calculators in class, but it is highly recommended to have your own! 2023-2024 Bonus: Students will have access to practice problems on delta math to receive immediate feedback on their problem solving skills outside of class! (Subject matter note: while this class reviews math concepts, they will not necessarily cover what students will learn in their math books due to the format of the SAT. )

Did you know the SAT doesn’t really test what you learn in your English class? If not join us to better understand how to read history and science passages and how they ares structured differently from the fiction from your English Teacher. We’ll review how nonfiction passages are argumentative, find the claim, evaluate how evidence is used to support the claim (including data), and the implications of the argument. Last but not least, students will build their vocabulary through root word development and high-impact thematic vocabulary lists. (Subject matter note: while this class does cover some comprehension, grammar, and language, it is designed to expose students to the SAT, not necessarily prepare students for the upcoming classes.)

Instructor: TBD

Days: 5 Saturday Blocks

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Calendar: IES Instructional Calendar

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