Saturday Critical Thinking & Logic



Due to community request, we are proud to offer our first logic and problem solving class! Our goal is to slowly build sustained attention to thinking problems through, rather than getting frustrated and using technology to find an immediate answer. We’ll go over visual / spatial problem solving and symbolic logic and patterning first before moving into verbal analogies, classifications, logic, deduction, antonyms & synonyms, and more!

We’re proud to offer this class, as there really isn’t a spot for this type of critical thinking in our traditional school subjects. The thinking skills that are developed in this class will help in every subject and make writing those longer school papers easier!

Instructor: TBD

Days: 5 Saturday Blocks

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Calendar: IES Instructional Calendar

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1: Sept. 3 – Oct. 28, 2: Nov. 11 – Dec. 16, 3: Jan. 6 – Feb. 10, 4: Feb. 24 – March 23, 5: April 13 – May 11